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Donate Soccer Balls

Spreading the Smile in Samburu, Kenya

Donate Soccer Balls and

Donate a soccer ball and enjoy a game of soccer with kids in Africa on a TRΛVELBOECKER ΛDVENTURES Safari! Donate and deliver a locally-made soccer ball to children in Africa while on safari and we will MATCH YOUR DONATION!

Here at TRΛVELBOECKER ΛDVENTURES we are proud of our special project – SPREAD THE SMILE – donating soccer balls to underprivileged children in Africa.

SPREAD THE SMILE supports an African social enterprise that manufactures sports balls to create jobs for adults, provide balls for children to play with and promote health education through sport.

Donate Soccer BallsSPREAD THE SMILE enables travellers to East and Central Africa to personally give a couple of soccer balls to children while on their African Safari!  “That’s community synergy” says Tim Sanders, keynote speaker and New York Times bestselling author.

To date TRΛVELBOECKER ΛDVENTURES and our clients have donated more than 65 soccer balls to the poorest areas in Africa. We’ve provided sports-based health education for young African people and delivered a ‘sound ball’ to a group of visually impaired children!
Every donation makes a huge impact on the recipients, giving them something to smile about … and that’s our aim – to SPREAD THE SMILE!

You can still donate a soccer ball even if you are travelling elsewhere in the world.  Just click on A&K and your ball will be delivered to a school or orphanage in Africa.



An African Safari is unlike any other journey you will ever take. The fascinating mix of culture and wildlife is hard to describe and can only be experienced. Throughout your journey, there is one thing we can guarantee: The spirit of Africa and its people will touch you!

It might be a herd of elephants against a blood-red sunset, the cooling spray thrown up by the thundering waters of Victoria Falls or a simple game of soccer with some village kids. Somewhere along the way, you will experience something uniquely African, leaving an indelible print on your memory.

TRΛVELBOECKER ΛDVENTURES takes the guess-work out of planning your African Safari! Our roots are in Africa and our company’s experience in safari planning spans more than three decades.

Contact Africa travel expert Christine Boecker for more information.

“Giving out the balls was a highlight of the trip. Children would just materialize out of the forest and hills, once we pulled up. Big soccer games just started out of the blue. We replaced one village ‘ball’ — a grocery bag filled with other grocery bags. One of the best moments!”

Donate Soccer Balls

Photo cred: I.Grant



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