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Donate Soccer Balls

Spreading the Smile in Samburu, Kenya


These are some of our favourite projects which support my commitment to preserving my beloved Africa and its natural treasures. I hope you will join me in these ventures.

Foster an Elephant Baby 


Donate Soccer Balls

TRΛVELBOECKER ΛDVENTURES will MATCH YOUR DONATION, when travelling on one of our safaris!

“The one thing that always makes African children smile is a good game of what we call soccer and they call football” says Stephen Allison, East African ex-pat and co-founder of the ‘Spread the Smile’ project. “Generally, Africa is not in great shape these days. We hear all the time about floods, droughts and disease up and down the continent. That being said, the children of Africa always seem to have the capacity to smile – even in times of adversity.”

Donate Soccer Balls

SPREAD THE SMILE supports an African social enterprise that manufactures sports balls to create jobs for adults, provide balls for children to play with and promote health education through sport.

Your £25 donation allows you to personally give a couple of locally made Soccer Balls to children in East African orphanages and schools, and perhaps even enjoy a game of soccer along the way!   “That’s community synergy” says Tim Sanders, keynote speaker and New York Times bestselling author.

To date TRΛVELBOECKER ΛDVENTURES and our clients have donated more than 65 soccer balls to the poorest areas in Africa. We’ve provided sports-based health education for young African people and delivered a ‘sound ball’ to a group of visually impaired children!
Every donation makes a huge impact on the recipients, giving them something to smile about … and that’s our aim – to SPREAD THE SMILE!

You can still donate a soccer ball even if you are travelling elsewhere in the world.  Just click on A&K and your ball will be delivered to a school or orphanage in Afric

“Giving out the balls was a highlight of the trip. Children would just materialize out of the forest and hills, once we pulled up. Big soccer games just started out of the blue. We replaced one village ‘ball’ — a grocery bag filled with other grocery bags. One of the best moments!”.

Donate Soccer Balls

Photo cred: I.Grant

Contact Africa travel expert Christine Boecker for more information


Foster a Baby Elephant 

Support the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust


Elephant Baby, Watercolour by Angela Sheldrick

While travelling in Kenya, I was privileged to visit the DSTW Elephant Orphanage in Nairobi. To see the little giants being so reliant on their keepers and taking the milk bottles made them almost human.

Founded in 1977 in memory of Dame Daphne’s late husband David Sheldrick, it is remarkable to think that the Trust is over 40 years old.  “It has been so satisfying for me to reflect on just how much we have been able to achieve in that time, and I would like to thank everyone of you who has made our lifesaving work possible.” wrote Dame Daphne.

There are currently just under 100 dependent orphaned elephants in the care of the DSTW, with more babies being rescued every month.  What I admire particularly is that all of them eventually return to the wild, as you can read below.

By donating $50 or more you can foster a baby elephant for a year. You’ll receive a certificate with a profile and photograph of your adopted orphan, as well as regular updates about your protégé. I follow little Naseku and Kiko’s stories with glee, and it feels like I’ve made a real contribution.

Orphan Graduation Day

“At the Nursery this morning we were up early, very early, for Rapa, Pare and Maramoja’s graduation to our Ithumba Reintegration Unit, following their friends Kauro, Sapalan and Namalok, who made the same journey just nine days earlier.

This latest threesome, a girl and two boys, were ready to follow their friends to Tsavo to continue on their own journeys back to the wild. Once of age, usually around 3 years old, our Nairobi infants are moved to one of three reintegration units we operate in the vast Tsavo Conservation Area, which affords a perfect habitat for elephants.

After the long drive, in our specially modified elephant-transporter, they exited the truck to a rapturous welcome from the dependent orphans and many of the Ithumba ex-orphans. These days are always so special, as in seeing the graduates take this step, we know our efforts in Nairobi have paid off. These elephants, that were rescued as orphans; weak, fragile and without their mums, have not only survived thanks to our hands-on care, they have thrived and are a step closer to their birthright – life in the wild with their own kind.”
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Contact me if you are interested in donating a soccer ball, visiting the elephant orphanage in Nairobi, or want to experience life at the re-integration unit in Tsavo.