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Leopard, African Safari

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“Best Bespoke African Travel Provider & Excellence Award for Eco-Friendly Luxury Safaris 2018”

“Best Bespoke Adventure Travel Agent & Distinction Award for Wildlife Conservation Initiatives 2019”


Originally from Africa, travel expert Christine Boecker specializes in customizing sustainable journeys for discerning travellers to the untouched places on earth.


When Christine shares about the time an Elephant reached out to sniff her or a blue-footed Boobie waddled up to her, or about sneaking up on a Polar Bear, or gazing into the eyes of a Gorilla, or watching the sun rise over the Sossusvlei Dunes and the Temple of Karnak from a hot air balloon, or waking up in Machu Picchu, or canoeing on the Zambezi… you’re transfixed and transported. ABOUT >>

As the principal of TRΛVELBOECKER ΛDVENTURES [est.1996] Christine’s passion for exploring is evident as she designs African Photographic & Birding Safaris, personalized journeys to Latin America & Galápagos Cruises, bespoke India explorations and select Small-Ship Cruises to hidden ports around the globe – all based on responsible tourism practices. We understand that the future of our planet depends on today’s practices and opt for greener solutions wherever possible.  DISCOVER MORE >>

Personal in-depth consultations allow Christine Boecker to tailor-make uniquely curated travel experiences, collaborating with you to create a journey that meets your budget and your bucket list, filled with excitement and guaranteed to leave you breathless.
The result is … well, check out these TESTIMONIALS:  

“Once again, Christine did not disappoint. She has planned trips for us to Africa, to Greece and most recently to Portugal. As always, every “i” was dotted and every “t” was crossed!”

“Christine Boecker assembled a fabulous trip to Botswana for us. Trip was fantastic – and without  faux.  Couldn’t recommend Christine more highly. Bravo!!!!”

“Just returned from the Galapagos where, thanks to Christine, my husband and I had an AMAZING time. Christine is knowledgeable, personable, responsive, and a great listener – can’t recommend her highly enough!”

“Our family trip to Italy was so memorable – we had exactly the kind of experiences we were looking for! Our private tour of the Amalfi coast, that special guide in Rome and the cooking class in that castle in Tuscany – it was unbelievable. Christine, even with all the special needs and food allergies, you nailed it.”

 “We have no hesitation in recommending TravelBoecker’s services. Of course, people can consider a ‘do it yourself’ holiday online but had we taken that approach, we would never have experienced the gems that Christine found for us.


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“Exploring the World in your Style”

Passionate about wildlife and culture, Christine Boecker’s forté lies in designing unique travel experiences for discerning travellers to delight in the greatest journey of their life – all while having a positive impact on the local economy and ecology.

A customized luxury African wildlife safari… an educational family trip to the Galápagos… an Arctic ice-breaker expedition… a second honeymoon in Italy? Each journey is tailor-made to suit your travel style – ranging from high-end luxury to more affordable options – curated with the utmost attention to detail, with emphasis on authentic experiences and sustainable ecotourism.

By combining your travel preferences with her creativity, Christine designs eye-opening experience portfolios beyond the beaten track for wildlife aficionados, photographers, birders, culture vultures – be it a solo jaunt, a romantic trip for two or a multi-generational family holiday.

Christine’s local insight allows you to enjoy an authentic journey and return from the greatest trip of your life with unforgettable memories!

Looking for inspiration?  The hundreds of trips on this website – based on Responsible Tourism – are intended to tickle your wishbone and inspire a thirst for discovery. START PLANNING NOW >>


African Safaris, 4x4 safari vehicle


Watching a pride of lions argue over dinner – priceless!

This video was taken by Christine Boecker on safari in northern Namibia