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African sunset

Yours truly, toasting African sunset

Meet Christine Boecker:

Originally from South Africa, my passion for travel and exploring have been my constant and lifelong companions. I’ve had the privilege of living and working in Africa and Europe before settling in Vancouver, British Columbia and establishing TRΛVELBOECKER ΛDVENTURES in 1996. Today my tourism career spans five continents and more than four decades!

With roots on three continents, travel is my true life’s calling. Whether it be exploring the hot and dry Kalahari Desert in a safari vehicle, or the cold and windy Arctic on a Russian Icebreaker – and many memorable places in between – I have been told that I’m one of the most well-travelled people in the industry. I am always thrilled to share my insider knowledge and tales of my many adventures around the world. Learn more about my travels


Why see the world with TRΛVELBOECKER ΛDVENTURES?

Been there, done that – and loved it! With 40+ years’ experience in designing trips all around the world, Christine has explored over 50 countries on 5 continents as travel professional, traveller and parent.

Un-googlable! No matter how much you search, there are some experiences you simply can’t google. Designing unique journeys for discerning travellers is Christine’s forté, be it an African safari, a Galapagos cruise or an Arctic expedition. For Christine no challenge is to large, whether your interest lies in art, history, birding, photography… Christine has even secured Wimbledon Tennis Finals tickets just a few rows behind the Royal Box!

Above and beyond! Christine’s local insight, creativity and attention to detail takes the guess-work out of planning your next adventure, meeting both your budget and your bucket list. Christine will guide you to the untouched places on earth, allowing you to focus on the experience, not the logistics. The result is … well, check out these Testimonials

Responsible! Through Christine’s strong commitment to sustainability and conservation, global partners are hand-picked in keeping with our ethos, ensuring a high level of service that is on a par with our own.

Owner operated! State-of-the-art technology allows Christine to consult with you, be it an office visit or via long-distance communications. The travel agency fund that Christine pays into, by being a professional agent, ensures that your holiday dollars are protected. See accreditations

Mostly though, Christine is passionate about helping adventurous travellers plan and enjoy the greatest journeys of their life, journeys that take you on a voyage of discovery filled with excitement, and guaranteed to leave you breathless.

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Client Reviews:
“We knew we wanted to go to Africa and see everything, but weren’t quite sure how to accomplish that. Enter Christine and her superb knowledge and expert advice….”

“It was the first trip we have taken that had no serious stress. Christine put together the perfect trip for us.

“Christine took care of every detail … our experience with TravelBoecker Adventures went without a hitch.”
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TRΛVELBOECKER ΛDVENTURES is a full service travel agency and operates as a division of Personal Travel Management Ltd (PTM), a British Columbia registered, licensed and bonded travel agency that keeps your travel dollars safe and insured, in case of an unforeseen closure of airlines or tour operators.  The name TRAVELBOECKER is derived from the profession and last name of the owner. It is pronounced Travelbooker, which is effectively what we are and what we do best!

PTM also belongs to several industry associations, such as the Association of Canadian Travel Agents (ACTA), the Business Practices & Consumer Protection Authority (BPCPA), the International Air Transport Association (IATA) and the Ensemble Group (a network of 2,000 independent travel agencies), which gives us the buying power, networking ability and other advantages of the larger chains, while retaining the personal contact and hands-on approach of a small company. See our Privacy Promise


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Christine’s Travels:

Favorite Destination:
Definitely Botswana – for the variety of eco-systems, plethora of wildlife,  easy access and short distances between intimate camps and sustainable tourism practices.
Definitely the Canadian Arctic – for the grandeur of mountains, steep cliffs, ice fields and glaciers providing habitat for a great variety of wildlife.
And… my latest happy place is Aswan in Egypt. Read about my Egyptian Adventure

What is your most memorable travel experience?
A hyena skulking through our campsite – not 20 paces away from where we were having dinner under a canvas canopy.
We froze, then relaxed when our guide calmly picked up his weapon – a flashlight!! – and the hyena disappeared into the darkness of the night.

Top travel tip?
Enjoy the journey – even if it differs from what’s written on your itinerary.

What’s your go-to activity to kill time at the airport?
Shopping, people watching, eating local foods.

If you could pack your bag tomorrow and go anywhere, where would it be?
The African bush, Patagonia’s dramatic landscapes, an Ayurvedic resort in India… there are just so many great places!

Best way to recover from jet-lag?
Sleep… on the flights, in airports, anywhere but at your destination!

Three must have items you pack in your suitcase when you hit the road?
Camera, laptop and comfortable walking shoes.

What is the first thing you do when you arrive in a new city/destination?
Explore, and scout out the new neighbourhood.

Top tips for occupying your time on those long haul flights?
Catch up on movies or reading, and create a video with my new photos.


Christine Boecker enjoys getting involved in the community and sponsors Richmond Ringette, COPS for Cancer, SOS Children’s Village, Hoops for Hope and the Canadian Network for International Surgery, as well as community events such as the annual Steveston Salmon Festival. She volunteered on the organizing committee of the Steveston Farmers & Artisan Market, chaired the South African Business Network Group, was membership director for the German Canadian Business Association and member of the Vancouver Board of Trade.

Christine was a founding member and director of marketing for German Kids Richmond, a language school dedicated to keeping the German language and culture alive in our children.
Feeding her passion for children, Christine is a qualified Parent Consultant, Speaker and Course Facilitator for the Neufeld Institute, offering parents a new, yet intuitive way to make sense of their children.

TRΛVELBOECKER ΛDVENTURES is also a proud founder of Spread the Smile – our own project putting smiles on the faces of underprivileged children in Africa by matching our clients’ donations.

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School visit, Mara



Let us pause for the taking of inventory,
To measure the debt we owe the tree.
For the searching root that knits the soil,
The cooling shade for those who toil,
The air we breathe, nature’s greatest gift,
And the leaf that heralds each season’s shift.

Forget not the fruit that feeds man and beast,
The branch that burns to prepare the feast.
That sturdy frame that builds the home,
And the paper on which you read this poem.
The tree gives all and asks no prize,
Even making the axe that ends its life.



Acacia Tortilis – Umbrella Thorn Tree