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Tanzania Safari – Day 1, Arusha

Chris B, one of our colleagues, recounts their East African experience:

Arriving at Kilimanjaro Airport in Tanzania on a blisteringly hot day, we were warmly welcomed by Mosses, our driver/guide throughout our seven day safari.

We checked in to our lodge, located on Tanzania’s largest coffee plantation, where everything was coffee-themed. From the coffee beans on our pillows to the soft café-au-lait colour schemes to the cappuccino scented bath soap. The lodge itself was surrounded on all sides by coffee bushes, although the beans were still an unripe green.

That night we had pre-dinner cocktails (the first of many, many gin & tonics) and enjoyed our first 5-course meal of the trip (also one of many). Midway through the sumptuous meal we had our first wildlife sighting – a Galago (a.k.a. bush baby) that was hanging outside from the roof. This unreasonably cute little primate surveyed us momentarily with his enormous glowing eyes before quickly scampering away.

Still completely bagged from the long flight, we soon called it a night. As we walked back to our rooms, with the sounds of the African night filling our ears, the smell of the incoming rain in our noses, and the pitch black night enveloping us, I silently shivered with the electric feeling of being back in Africa.

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