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Mexican Baja Cruise – Travel Review

Mexican Baja Cruise – Travel Review

Sea of Cortez by Small Ship Cruise

We had a marvelous time!  Our small ship only had 69 passengers so there was so much to do and folks to help with the details. I did yoga in the early morning every day but one, before breakfast.  Mike and I did kayaking twice, I did snorkeling three times, wetsuited, [once with sea lions].  One massage was included in the activity list for every passenger – heavenly.  Mike’s main complaint was that they purposely did not have Wi-Fi.  We even got to ride one day: donkeys, mules, and a couple of horses.

We went grey whale watching in Magdalena Bay; Mike called it ‘whale soup’ because there were so many whales in the bay.  Occasionally they would be curious and come up to the boats [we were in smaller boats – only 10 passengers plus the operator].  We saw moms with their new calves as well as mature of both genders getting ready for mating.

There was a professional photographer aboard for some presentations and to be available for assistance. Mike appreciated that.  It was sure a camera friendly environment.  Unbelievable dawn and sunset every day plus islands, bays, cactus, sea lions, and dolphins.

Little things like everyone’s food at a table of six being carried out by three servers all at once.  As you met new people in  activities you would rearrange yourself for meals.  Every meal was memorable.  There were always choices, fish, meat, vegetarian.  Always salads, fresh fruit and the presentation was beautiful.  Nice sized portions although you could ask for seconds; I only saw someone do that  once.  Otherwise you didn’t have room for dessert.

Folks from all over the US, i.e.  Seattle, California, Connecticut, Philadelphia, Portland, plus  New Zealand. A real mixed bag of background; teachers, firefighters,  scientists, nurses, business folks.  Two teenagers with their grandparents; a father- daughter pair – she had just graduated from college, a foursome gal-pal group, one 85 yr old traveling alone, and then lots of couples; in ages similar to Mike and me.

The little inn you found for us in San Jose was charming.  Entering through a long garden area, we had a second story suite with a balcony.  The downward  view from the balcony was a huge yard with remnants of storm collection/damage but family activities apparent.  Dogs and chickens sounds.  The horizon and up view was palm trees, buildings of various types, and beautiful skies. We frequently got pleasant recorded Elvis and often live music from places a block or two away.

The historic area was quite peaceful, very few tourists which made the curio shops seem almost desperate.  The galleries had a range of art and objects and were more relaxed since their clientele would be more directed.  We did a Grey Line bus tour [12 passengers] which gave us a tour of both cities, a glass-bottomed boat trip out beyond the ‘arch’ and a glass-blowing demo.  This gave us a look at Cabo most folks would envision; we were glad we were a bit removed from the hustle and bustle.

Thank you for helping us set up this experience.  Maxine

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