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A Day on Safari

A Day on Safari

African sunrise, safari, Kruger ParkThe drums were not loud, but gentle and persistent. The sun was just rising and it was time to get up and start a day of wildlife encounters. We all met at the campfire for hot drinks and rusks. I had my camera, binoculars, sunglasses, hat and sunscreen – I was ready. As we walked through the bush we encountered many wonders of nature. A perfectly symmetrical spider web, a delicate birds nest, the mating call of an Impala buck.

By mid morning we were back at camp and devoured the hearty breakfast, which was set out under the trees overlooking the river. It was getting warmer now and everyone retired to their chalet, or found a cool spot under a tree to relax, read a book, have a nap… The drums announced it was lunch time. Light fare and very tasty with fresh-baked bread, interspersed with bush talk. What we saw and heard and what we hoped to see and hear that afternoon.

In the late afternoon we’re all in open Landrovers, ready for our game drive. Luck is on our side and we spot a pride of lion, watch an elephant uproot a tree to get to those fresh green shoots at the top, encounter a herd of buffalo drinking at the waterhole. We take pictures and enjoy a sundowner to end the day.

Lion safari, Africa, Kruger Park, South Africa

The drive back to camp is in the dark, with the spotlight searching for nocturnal animals. First we see only eyes, then we learn to pick out the shapes of owls, porcupine and some buck. The air is crisp and we’re glad to get back to camp.

After a warm shower the drums beckon us for dinner. The evening meal is served in the boma around a huge fire and we’re telling more wildlife stories. Some are even true. Nobody wants the day to end but happy hearts give in to heavy eyelids. I fall asleep quickly, full of the spirit of the bush and in anticipation of another wonderful, adventurous day.


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