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Meet King Kong in Peru

Meet King Kong in Peru

In May I travelled to Peru… exploring the Inca citadel of Machu Picchu had always been on my bucket list!

After spending a night in Lima I arrived in Cusco well rested. At the airport I was approached by a youngster who wanted to sell me his mother’s wool. He was about 7 years old, quite entrepreneurial and very persistent. He proudly called himself ‘King Kong’ after the only movie that was playing in the only movie theater in town…

Memories of my Galapagos Eco Tour

Memories of my Galapagos Eco Tour

We reached Isabela Island, and not three steps off the dock, two huge sea turtles floated serenely to the surface of the ocean; almost immediately, five sea lions swoop in and start flipping and frolicking around the turtles, pissing them off entirely but giving us a great show and such a fantastic welcome to the Galapagos.

The following day we hiked up the Sierra Negra volcano, the second largest active volcano on earth…

Mexico’s Sea of Cortez & Copper Canyon

Exploring the Sea of Cortez and the Copper Canyon in Mexico left and indelible impression on me. During my stay I did some snorkeling in a marine preserve near La Paz on the Baja California. The water is crystal clear and warm and the only company we had were some very inquisitive pelicans…

A Week of Daily Wonders in the Galapagos

A Week of Daily Wonders in the Galapagos

It started with a conversation over a few pints: “How are we going to celebrate our … birthdays?”… “Let’s take a trip,” I suggested.
After intense negotiations … five of us settled on the Galapagos Islands…

Several years earlier, I was in Ecuador for a rain-forest excursion and had plenty of time to explore the site of Charles Darwin’s famous observations, which culminated in the classic On The Origin of Species. Lacking the benefit of hindsight and a comfort level with debt, I declined the opportunity, believing the cost to be extravagant. I have regretted it ever since…

Mexican Baja Cruise – Travel Review

Mexican Baja Cruise – Travel Review

We went grey whale watching in Magdalena Bay; Mike called it ‘whale soup’ because there were so many whales in the bay. Occasionally they would be curious and come up to the boats. We saw moms with their new calves as well as mature of both genders getting ready for mating.

The little inn you found for us in San Jose was charming…

Chile – waiting to be explored!

If you are looking for a truly unique travel experience , then consider Torres Del Paine National Park in southern Chile. The country itself has much to offer the traveler; deserts in the north, vineyards and culture in the middle, but the stark beauty of the country in the southernmost part of Chile, a trip of a lifetime! This area is unparalleled in magic and stark beauty . The ever-changing trails on mostly rocky terrain makes for some excellent hiking, as well as some incredible sights that vary from vast plateaus to deep, dark forests. It is an authentic wilderness experience. There is a choice of two activities each day, one more difficult, the other pleasant and easy. Walk up the mountain peaks and stare out over the steep granite rocks or take a horseback ride into the pampas. Observe the Grey Glacier, watching as pieces of ice break off and crash into the lake below. Take in the unique beauty of the Paine Horns as you hike through Pampas. We were just there a few weeks ago, and even though it was my third time, I was awestruck by the rawness, the majestic landscape and the amazing hikes we took. Then each night we returned to our comfortable, heated (by woodstove) camp. The food was delicious, the wine was excellent, and a great time was had by all. Click here for travel inspiration or contact Christine...

Veracruz – the Real Mexico

In June I had the opportunity to explore the Mexican province of Veracruz on the Gulf of Mexico. This totally unspoiled land gives insight to the real Mexico. Here the American Dollar has yet to play the dominating role it achieved in places like Cancun and Los Cabos. Veracruz has much to offer the curious traveller, such as: 700 kilometers of beaches with great fishing and many coral reefs for the snorkeler and scuba enthusiast. The sand on the beaches is dark like ours here in Vancouver, and the hotels along the coast cater mainly to local families. It’s a great place to have a vacation – without all the frills or the big bills at the end of your stay. White water rafting, rappelling and trekking, especially in the rain forests and mountainous regions in the hinterland of the province. Huge archaeological sites and Anthropology Museums, offering insight to ancient cultures that were very advanced in their knowledge of architecture, art and astrology. Beautifully preserved colonial towns, dating back to when the European Explorers first landed in America. Veracruz and its diversity, from the rain forests of the hinterland to the coastal plains is a wonderful destination with very friendly people. Where else can you spend an evening dancing with the locals to the sound of a ‘Big Band’ in the City Square under the stars? Downtown Veracruz comes alive on Friday and Saturday nights and offers visitors a great opportunity to meet the local folk and join in some of the wonderful traditions that have been kept up through the generations. For me, that’s what travelling is...
Galapagos Islands – the ‘How to’ Guide

Galapagos Islands – the ‘How to’ Guide

  The Galapagos Archipelago is a wonderland of extraordinary wildlife species, colourful snorkeling, bright sunshine and picture-perfect beaches, but how does one go about selecting a trip that’s just right from so many options? Some travellers have been reading about and dreaming of visiting these amazing islands for many years and would like the very best experience. When to Travel Because the Galapagos Islands are equatorial, any time is good to visit these lava-formed islands. If you prefer warmer temperatures, you may consider visiting between January and May. The water is more temperate for snorkeling at this time of year, yet you might also encounter some light rain. This rain is warm and over in minutes so your exploration of the islands is never interrupted. From June onwards the water temperature falls, so you may consider bringing a snorkel shirt and/or snorkel pants (available at sporting goods stores) to wear under the shortie wetsuit (available for rent aboard your ship or from the hotel). The temperatures listed below are in Fahrenheit. Temperatures:         Daytime        Nighttime       Water January – May          85 – 89         70 – 75         75 – 82 June – December      75 – 80         65 – 70         62 – 68 The animal species exhibit different behaviors at certain times of year, for example blue-footed boobies do their famous mating dance from April to July and then again in October/November. Marine iguanas exhibit bright colors from January to March. Black frigate birds inflate their red throat pouches during their breeding season which is March to June. Something wonderful is always happening in the Galapagos and if you have particular animal...


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