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Brazil, Corcovado

Naturally and Culturally – Exciting!

Brazil has it all – from the deep Amazon to the wild Pantanal!

Discover tropical beaches, dense rainforests, ancient colonial settlements and bustling cities, wildlife safaris, varied and exquisite cuisine, adrenaline-filled adventures, year-round warm weather, friendly and attractive people, fascinating history and local culture, and sheer variety of exceptionally stunning scenery – just some of many reasons to visit this unique country. Learn more…

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About Brazil:

The largest country in Latin America, Brazil covers an area comparable to that of continental USA or Europe, making it a land of diverse landscapes and climates. This diversity is echoed by her inhabitants, descendants of the world’s greatest melting pot: Amerindian, European, African and Oriental peoples have together created an amazing wealth of different cultural traditions, folklore and cuisine. Their legendary passion for football, the colour and exuberance of carnival and the famous warmth and hospitality of the Brazilian people will inspire you to relax and join in the celebration of life. MAP

Brazil by regions:

COASTAL TREASURES – Brazil’s 7,491km-long coastline boasts some of the most stunning tropical beaches in the Americas. Countless coves and bays with crystal-clear tropical waters shelter an astounding array of idyllic beaches, each with its unique charm. Why not stay awhile on a densely forested archipelago surrounded by palm-fringed beaches and coral reefs, or explore charming historical towns overlooking the Atlantic Ocean, such as Salvador…

SALVADOR – Brazil’s first capital sits on a peninsula overlooking the Bahia. For Brazilians, Bahia is synonymous both with a more relaxed pace of life and a special intensity in all that Brazil represents: colour, music and religion. 80 percent of the inhabitants are Afro-Brazilian and are very proud of their roots. The best Capoeira (a Brazilian martial art) of Brazil is found in Salvador, whilst Candomblé, the Afro-Brazilian religious cult, permeates the city.

The old town centre hosts a wealth of Baroque churches and colonial-style architecture. It is also the focus of Salvador’s famous and exuberant nightlife with countless restaurants, bars and nightclubs and forms the splendid backdrop to carnival celebrations that are more lively here than anywhere else in Brazil.

RIO DE JANEIRO – One of the worlds’ most famous and beautiful cities, Rio de Janeiro exceeds even the greatest of expectations and is a city that has to be seen to be believed. From its two famed peaks, the Sugar Loaf and Corcovado Mountain, atop which stands the statue of Christ the Redeemer with outstretched arms, Rio de Janeiro is truly “The Wondrous City”, her spectacular landforms embracing sandy beaches, glittering bays, fine residential districts and towering forest-covered mountains. The landscape is so dramatic that even the largest areas of modern high-rise are still dwarfed by the overwhelming grandeur of numerous peaks and the largest urban tropical forest in the world, itself a monument to environmental preservation.

Brazil, Rio de Janeiro

IGUASSU FALLS – Iguassu means “great river” in the indigenous Guarani language and there could hardly be a more fitting name. After rising in the Brazilian highlands near Curitiba, the iguassu river runs westward on a 1,100km journey, receiving some 30 tributaries on its course to the plateau where, just before merging with the great Paraná river, it plunges thunderously over an 80m high cliff in virgin forest.

The Iguassu Falls are the most spectacular in South America. A total of 275 falls cascade over a precipice that is 3km wide, sending up an endless wall of spray laced with rainbows. iguassu is also the meeting point of three countries: Brazil, Argentina and Paraguay. Straddling the Iguassu River, the twin National Parks of Foz do iguassu were set up to preserve the region’s precious rainforest environment.

AMAZONIA is the largest region of Brazil and perhaps the most internationally famous. The Amazon is also the largest area of tropical rainforest in the world, having become a worldwide synonym of biodiversity. However, in relation to the rest of the country, it is sparsely populated and includes vast areas that are virtually inaccessible, despite countless attempts at taming the jungle through agriculture, industrial development and farming.

In the Amazon, and especially along the Amazon River, there are numerous Jungle Lodges located in magnificent spots from which the visitor can enjoy various fascinating guided excursions. Most accommodation of this type provides a rustic yet luxurious ambience surrounded by the vast Amazon Rainforest.

Brazil, King Vulture

THE PANTANAL is a vast wetland area in western Brazil formed by the Paraquay river, which cuts across the states of Mato Grosso and Mato Grosso do Sul (as well as western Brazil and northeastern Paraguay). There are two distinct seasons: the dry season from July to October and the wet season from December to March, when seasonal rains swell the pantanals main arteries and marshlands, temporarily inundating the hardened landscape, transforming it into a lush wetland area mottled with pools and lagoons. Each year, a myriad of creatures eagerly await this life giving phenomina and emerge as the floodwaters soak into the crusted landscape. During this period, the pantanals surface area increases to a staggering 200.000 km². Quite appropriately therefore, in past times the pantanal was locally termed Xaraés, meaning inland sea.

The Pantanal is one of the world’s great wildlife reserves, providing habitat for over 650 species of birds, (among which, the stately tuiuiu or jabiru stork, íbis, the Hyacinth macaw, emu and Toucan), 250 species of fish and 80 species of mammals (Capibara, tapir, giant ant-eater, giant otter, howler monkey and Jaguar are all common resident species). Other species include anaconda and caiman.

BIRD WATCHING – Combining Brazil’s natural and cultural highlights with an active bird watching program, TravelBoecker Adventure creates and unforgettable roundtrip that will inspire amateur and highly experienced bird enthusiasts alike.
Toucans, macaws and the majestic Tuiuiu stork are just some of Brazil’s strikingly colourful bird species awaiting the enthusiast.


Brazil, Iguassu Falls

Highlights of Brazil

14 Days of Beaches, Rivers, Waterfalls & Wildlife (EX – BR)

Visit the colonial city of Salvador and the marvellous Rio de Janeiro. Discover the Pantanal Wildlife Reserve, searching for animals including capybara and caiman. Admire the thundering waters of Iguassu Falls and explore the Amazon Rainforest.

rating3  Comfort

rating2  Active

Tour Highlights

  • Rio de Janiero – explore South America’s most beautiful and vibrant city, including a tour of Sugarloaf Mountain with panoramic views of the stunning coastline
  • Salvador – discover Brazil’s colourful colonial city
  • Amazon Rainforest – 2 nights in Amazonia with various boat and land excursions
  • Pantanal – wildlife spotting on foot and by canoe
  • Iguassu Falls – South America’s most beautiful waterfalls, view from both the Brazilian and Argentinean sides

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Tour Dates: Saturdays to September 2019

Tour Cost: from $6,590 per person sharing twin accommodation
Single Supplement from $1,100
Group Size: 12 – 18 passengers
Type of Accommodation: standard hotels & lodges
Vehicles: Bus, Boat, Flight, Public Bus
Meals: 13 breakfasts, 4 lunches, 5 dinners

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Choose from these Amazon River Cruises:

Brazil, Amazon River Cruise, Motor Yacht

River Exploration Aboard
an Intimate MOTOR YACHT

Our 7 Day Amazon Cruises are Sloth-Full, but by no means lazy!

Expedition cruises venture deep into the remote wilderness rainforest, voyaging far up the least inhabited major river in the Amazon Basin: the Rio Negro.

Explore areas very rarely visited and seek out the mysterious life that stirs in the heart of the rainforest, including a UNESCO World Heritage site in the Amazon, the Central Amazon Conservation Complex and the largest reserve in the entire Amazon rainforest.

Skilled naturalists point out rarely seen creatures and take you to visit small villages along the small tributaries to learn of the culture of pioneer families. Walk in the rainforest, kayak in remote flooded forests, swim in the Rio Negro, and fish for Piranhas. This expedition cruise is one of the most authentic cruises in the Amazon region.


Arrival in Manaus, Brazil
Optional: You may want to add a day in Manaus before embarking on your Amazon river cruise to adjust to the time zone and climate. You would be met by our representative and transferred to a luxurious resort hotel located on the banks of the Rio Negro, at the edge of Manaus and the Amazon rainforest. 3 restaurants, 2 bars and a pool complex ensure that your stay will be relaxing and comfortable.
Local sightseeing introduces you to the local architecture, history and culture of Manaus. You could visit the Rio Negro Palace, Indian Museum, Justice Palace, Teatro Amazonas, the floating port of Manaus, the Municipal Market and more.

Days 1 – 6 Amazon River Cruise
This morning board the intimate, yet well equipped expedition boat and settle in for a 7 day river cruise, voyaging deep into the rainforest along the least inhabited river in the Amazon, the Rio Negro. Due to its size, this motor yacht visits areas that are not accessible to the larger vessels.
Explore the forest by foot or in small motorized canoes, go for a swim in the crystal clean water, visit with local tribes that live deep in the forest, and spend a great deal of time searching for and observing the greatest collection of wildlife on this continent.

Brazil, Amazon Cruise

This cruise is appropriate for travellers who enjoy both an active experience, as well as quiet, thoughtful observation of nature. Choose from several daily excursions, such as venturing out in the very stable, motorized canoes to explore quiet tributaries, walking in the forest, strolling through small villages or simply relaxing on the open deck and enjoying the jungle from the comfort of your boat. With a capacity of just 18 passengers, travellers can spend more time with their guide, which makes for a richer experience.

Though not a luxury vessel, the motor yacht is comfortable and well appointed. All are outside cabins with private bathrooms and air-conditioning. The vessel has style and elegance with lots of polished brass and varnished woodwork. The large crew and skilled, bilingual naturalist guides are some of the very best in the Amazon, and their experience helps you unlock the secrets of the magnificent wildlife of the rainforest.

All meals, snacks, bottled water, teas and coffees are included whilst on board the boat.

Day 7: Depart Manaus
After breakfast, disembark at the port of Manaus and transfer to the airport in time for your onward flights.

Tour Dates: Saturdays to December 2019

Tour Cost: from US$3,795 per person sharing twin accommodation
Single Supplement from US$1,895*
*can be reduced substantially for those willing to share a cabin on this river cruise

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Brazil, Amazon Cruise

Luxury Amazon River Cruise

9 Days aboard a Luxury Cruise Boat (IDT-01)

For those who prefer an entirely ‘all inclusive’ Super Luxury River Cruise we recommend this itinerary, where you can journey deep into nature’s remotest places to experience a totally different kind of adventure.


Day 1: Arrival in Manaus, Brazil
Upon arrival at Brigadeiro Eduardo Gomes–Manaus International Airport, you will be met by our representative and transferred to a luxurious resort hotel located on the banks of the Rio Negro, at the edge of Manaus and the Amazon rainforest. 3 restaurants, 2 bars and a pool complex ensure that your stay will be relaxing and comfortable.

Day 2 – 8: Amazon River Cruise
Enjoy a day at leisure in Manaus – to relax and adjust to the time zone and climate.
In the late afternoon board our luxury cruise boat and embark on an 8 day Amazon adventure in a luxurious setting, cruising along the Negro and Solimöes rivers.

With a capacity for 150 passengers this is the largest ship specifically built to navigate the Amazon River and its tributaries.
This 5 star ship offers 73 cabins, each with private balcony and views out onto the river or out on the tropical rainforest, plus two ample ‘royal suites’ located on the prow. Both the suites and the cabins are outfitted with full bathrooms, double beds or two individual beds, television, hair dryer, air conditioning, music equipment, a safe box, and room service.

The cruise stops at various spots in the Amazon Rainforest, offering trips on small boats for guests who want to explore the jungle’s dense, untouched vegetation (included).

On this journey along the course of the Amazon River, you will enjoy all the modern conveniences on our luxury cruise ship, including two restaurants serving Brazilian and international cuisine, exclusive bars, 2 swimming pools, Jacuzzi, lounges with a wide range of entertainment activities, fitness room, beauty salon, shops, a disco, etc.

All meals, snacks, alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages are included whilst on board.

Day 9: Depart Manaus
After breakfast, disembark at the port of Manaus and transfer to the airport in time for your onward flights.

Tour Dates: Mondays and Fridays to December 2019

Tour Cost: from US$4,125 per person sharing twin accommodation
Single Supplement on request

Brazil, Amazon CruiseReturn to Amazon River

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Brazil Map

Photo cred: Lonely Planet

– combining your personal preference with our expertise.
We create unique & authentic experiences
designed to suit your desired travel style and budget