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Safari Stimuli – seriously?

Safari Stimuli – seriously?

You fly all the way to Africa to spend a few weeks on Safari… for what?

African Safari, Save the Rhino, Travel with purpose, You live in the city, yet your heart yearns for the great spectacles of nature – an antidote to urban grit. Stir up your wanderlust and find out why you should not hesitate for another moment!

Here are the TOP 10 reasons to visit Africa, as per Alan Murphy, a Lonely Planet writer and Africa expert:

Watching Wildlife – I am completely besotted by watching wildlife and you may just find that you will be too. For me it’s the Big 5 sure, but I love the birds too, especially bee eaters, kingfishers, rollers…hippos though are my favourite, extraordinary creatures…

Landscapes – From the swirling sands and granite rocks of Namibia, to the great African plains of Tanzania, the landscapes of the continent will sear themselves in your mind. Savannahs, woodlands, mighty mountains and crystal clear waters… the landscapes are phenomenal.

Guides and Rangers – I have found the guides and rangers to be amongst the most interesting and admirable people I have met anywhere. Sitting under a Mopani tree and chewing the fat with one of these folk is a memorable experience.

The Great Spectacles of Africa – No room to list all of Africa’s wonders here – but a few favourites…. The Great Migration of East Africa; Victoria Falls; the Drakensberg Mountains; Carmine Bee Eater colonies of 10,000 plus; the Rift Valley; Fish River Canyon; Table Mountain…

Bush Experience – Under the stars in the African bush with the sounds of the night all around you is something you won’t forget. It’s just such an antidote to urban grit. For me it was bouncing around the back of an ox cart after a local festival in Zambia.

African Safari, Save the Rhino, Travel with purpose

Luxury Accommodation – Some of the accommodation options available to people are incredibly opulent. But really, luxury on safari doesn’t have to be that expensive. A wooden decking, a cold drink, a view of a waterhole, candlelight…the formula is pretty simple.

Cultural Experience – The opportunity to interact with local culture – through local people, food, crafts, dancing and singing (if you’re lucky enough to see it), festivals and local celebrations – is a real highlight.

Broadening Your Mind – Everyone needs to broaden their perspective on life, it’s just plain good for you. And the opportunity to see how people live and survive in places like Africa can be a life-changing experience.

Seeing the Best of Eco TourismResponsible tourism comes into its own on safari. Africa shows off the best of eco or green tourism spearheaded by responsible safari tour operators.

The Wow Factor When You Return Home – Come on – you know this is the best bit! The wows, the ooohhhs, the aaaahhhs when you show your photos to friends and family back home. Oh, the elephant wasn’t that big… Was I scared? Naah, I was at one with the big fella…


Start planning that African Safari now.

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